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The photos below were taken by Mike Hardesty around his house and Riverton Parke High School in rural Parke County, Indiana. For most of the shots, the camera used was either a Pentax *istDL 6.1MP digital SLR with a 70-300mm ProMaster zoom lens, a Pentax K200 10.4MP with a Tamron 28-300mm zoom lens or a Nikon CoolPix. The scenes include sunrise, sports, sunset and weather photos and are authentic representations of the landscape at the time. The Pentax images are not "sized" for websites but are fairly high-resolution images, so please be patient as they load.

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This sunset (L) was taken June 16, 2007 from my front yard. I used a different camera...a Sony Coolpix L11 "point-and-shoot" digital. At 6.0 MP, the resolution is there; high ISO wasn't a factor so the shot came out fairly well. What a great artist God is!



Yet another camera was used to shoot the large metallic object (R). It was taken with an inexpensive Kodak digital camera, 3.2 MP. I've had several people guess what it is, with the majority of answers having to do with the prow of a ship. Actually, it's the St. Louis Arch, shot from directly below. It just proves that point of view governs how we perceive things, and things aren't always what they seem.

Ice on a branch, macro shot

Hawk in back yard, through a rather old, "wavy-glass" window

Snow scene, back yard

Snow scene across the road

Winter Sunset


Snow Scene, another view

Sunrise Over the Football Field at R.P.

Another Sunrise, Across the Road

Full Moon, about 1500mm effective zoom length

One of several hundred sports shots...many ended up in the newspaper.

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