Questions And Answers
Q. "Why would I need the Expanded package?"
A. The answer involves asking a few more questions...Does your business have an inventory or a service that changes frequently? Need to have that information updated weekly or sooner? Need other critical information kept current daily or weekly? Have a lot of photos, videos, sound files, etc. that you want online? Will they change frequently?  If the answer to any of these is "yes" then the expanded package would be the best fit for you in terms of updates and getting the most bang for your buck in the intitial set-up phase.

Q. " about the Basic package?"
A. If you simply want to post information about yourself, your business, your organization, etc. that will remain mostly static with minimal photos and updates, then the Basic package would be best for you.  As your business grows, so can your website. You may upgrade to the Expanded package at any time and have access to more photos, sound and video files, etc.

Q. "If I don't buy the Expanded package, will that have an effect on my updates or other services?"
A. No. You simply purchase the package best for you and updates will be made in a timely fashion regardless of which package you have.  

Q. "What if I need Mike to come out so we can talk about the website? Is there an extra charge for that?"
A. No. The initial fee covers consultations for one year, and is renewable yearly.
(There will be an extra mileage charge for businesses further than 50 miles from Clinton, Indiana; more information is available upon request.)

Q. "What defines an Update?"
A. An update is when you need several revisions to your site's text made, or new photos/sound files/videos uploaded to your site. If I just have to change a line or two, there would not be an update charge. (I can do several "single-line-changes" and then lump them all into one charge later). The thing to remember is that a static (non-changing) website is worse than no website at all...people do look to see if your information is current! If not, they move to the next link.

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