Parke/Vermillion Retired Teachers


          The PVRTA met at noon, Monday, September 12, at the Immanuel Southern Baptist Church near Rockville. President Sandee Frey welcomed member and two of the new retirees, Sue Weber and Lori Shew, to the meeting. The lunch was catered by the women of the ISBC group at the church. Dale Payne gave the invocation; Frey thanked the ladies group for preparing the meal.  It was announced that our luncheon now costs $12 due to the difficulty of finding caterers who will provide a lunch for $10.

          The program was presented by representatives of the Parke and Vermillion County Bicentennial Committees. Thursday, September 22nd is the kick-off day for the Torchbearer Relays in both counties. Eliza Porter spoke about the activities in Vermillion County. She stated that some of their Torch bearers are from Vermillion County Schools. Their intention was to include the youth of the community in their activities. Brad Buchanan gave information about the Bicentennial activities in Parke County. There will be an All-in Block Party on the Rockville courthouse square from 12-4:00 on the 22nd. The speakers handed out a list of websites where interested community members can find out what activities are available in both counties. Frey announced that it was decided to give Bicentennial pencils to 4th grade classes in counties. Roleen Pickard honored the torch bearers from Parke and Vermillion counties. 

          A handout about old business was given to members. The minutes of the May 9th meeting were approved. Our membership book was digitized this year for members to access on our website. Members who do not have a computer (Dale Payne, Mary Philpott and Judy Jones) will be given paper copies of the book. Frey discussed the Indiana Retired Teachers Association website; the website can be found at She also gave information on how to access the PVRTA site in Area 4 of the state website. Pickard gave the Treasurer's report. Total income was $2.290.60, with expenses of $2003.89; our balance is $1,368.28.

          Gayle Overby announced there are now 158 members in our group. Nancy Contri discussed the Parke-Vermillion E-Learning Conference. As part of our community service efforts, several members assisted with providing food for conference attendees.

Frey discussed the bills that are being presented in the state legislature.  Ken Pierce will keep members informed on this matter; Donna Woodard stressed the importance of contacting our local legislators in regard to a 13th check or a COLA. We have not had a raise in our pension for several years. It was noted that the IRTA offers grants for active teachers. Woodard gave a presentation on the IRTA Representative Assembly in Indianapolis this summer. Several members attended the meeting; those attending were Candace Allen, Linda Burnette, Frey, Pickard, Woodard, Area 4 director Ken Pierce and his wife Susie. The PVRTA was given several awards at the program. Donna Woodard received an Outstanding Volunteer award in Area 4; Eldon Everidge, Mary Everidge, and Sandee Frey received Honorable Mention awards as well. Our chapter received an Outstanding award for press releases, and a Group Project award for assisting the Clinton Lions Club in selling fruit last December. Officers and committee members will also attend the Area 4 Leadership workshop in Plainfield, Indiana on October 4th.

          Pickard discussed the Right Sharing Stamp Project that we support. We save canceled stamps that are sold to a company; this helps raise money for women in underdeveloped countries, such as Kenya, to begin a business of their own. This counts toward community involvement for  the PVRTA. Members donated $41 for state scholarships and $40 for a food pantry; Elaine Albers chose to send the donation to Vermillion County.  Myra Giovanini noted that member Edith Vignocchi, a retired teacher from Vemillion County, has a need for clothing. She is in a Vermillion County nursing home.  She is small and requires small sizes.  Items are needed by 9/17.

          The next meeting will be at noon, Monday, November 14, 2016, at the McDonald Lake Rod and Gun Club, at 14979 S. Willow Grove Ave. in Clinton. Hostesses will be Cheryl Huey and Elaine Albers.  Lunch will be catered by the club at a cost of $12. The speaker will be Kim Terry, Science chairperson at South Vermillion High School. Her topic will be “Fun with Science.” She will discuss the new renovations at the high school, field trips with students to Hawaii, robotics and more. 

Frey adjourned the meeting.

DIRECTIONS for the 14th:  From Central Elementary, go west on HWY. 163 (Western Ave.) for .3 miles.  Turn right on S. Willow Grove Ave. at the “Guns, Guns, Guns” sign.  Go .5 miles & turn left onto Knowles at the dead end sign.  Follow the road to the McDonald Lake entrance & go to the left to the restaurant entrance.

OR: From Hwy 63, turn east 163 for 1.3 miles and turn left on S. Willow Grove Ave. at the “Guns, Guns, Guns” sign.  Follow the rest of the directions above.