Freelance Gun Writer

Mike Hardesty is a published freelance gun writer. With dozens of articles and reviews published in Pew Pew Tactical,, and TTAG (The Truth About Guns), Mike is considered a firearms expert. His special area of expertise is handguns.

Mike is a long-time shooter. He has been punching paper targets, taking deer and other game and shooting at competitions since about 1975. Other related pursuits include reloading and bullet casting. He currently reloads for over 10 calibers, both handgun and rifle. His reloads, particularly for 9mm, were in great demand during the height of the ammo shortage among family and friends. He donated hundreds of rounds to informal shooting sessions. He was quoted as saying "I do not sell my reloads but I sure will help my guys shoot 'em for free!". He has a few cherished firearms that he has inherited or otherwise procured -- those are his favorites.

If you are wanting to hire Mike to write for you, contact him at   

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